About us

Who we are

Ingka Investments entities are subsidiaries of Ingka Investments BV, part of Ingka Group. Ingka Investments BV is a company managing investments in the field of sustainable resources and renewable energy. Ingka Investments BV owns forestland in USA, New Zealand, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and is considering further investments. We own in total around 84,500 ha of forestland in Latvia, which are managed by Ingka Investments companies.

Our commitment

Our firm commitment and promise is to be a responsible forest manager. Our view on forest management means taking the best measures today that will ensure proper development of the forest for tomorrow.

Our management aims to carefully protect the forests and their biodiversity elements. For us, a responsible way of managing the forests means to balance the role the forest has for the people, the environment and the economy. 

We aim to preserve and in many cases enhance the quality of the forest. This is why every step we took from the beginning was directed towards being a responsible forest manager.

Since the establishment on the market
in 2014, we managed to:

Form a functional team made up of local forestry specialists and train them according to our way of working

Implement afforestation campaigns of more than 2 million seedlings per year

Implement standards of working with suppliers and contractors

Receive the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate for forest management

Train coworkers in relation to both our internal standards and those of FSC®

Examples of our work to support bio-conservation